Thursday, June 26, 2008

DAY 4 - humanity

Ok, so were surrendering our summer to help others. No problem; random acts of kindness, great. But is that it? We even don't have to have info on the people we are serving. Is the who of serving really as important they why? Afterall, we serve our lord by serving our brothers. But if we did know someone, a name or reason it would add to our mutual humanity. Or I guess we could say it is our commanity (if uniy is common unity then commanity is common humanity). So who have we shared our humanity with? Glad you asked.

Meet Phyllis. She has a couple of properties and needed some help with land clearing, scraping and painting and gardening. We ended up helping her with her mom's house.

Meet Keith. He works with an organization called Beacon of Hope ( and today he helped coordinate almost 200 volunteers to help get a rec center in shape. We helped Kieth clear brush, remve debris, clear weeds, and get the park ready for play.

Meet Connie. She works for St. Pauls Homecoming Center (a divison of St. Pauls Episcopal). We mixed dit and sand to pour and stamp a walkway connecting 2 church buildings.

Meet the volunteer staff of Mount Olivet. Thursday we worked at the church doing some elabrate gardening projects. The returned the favor by fixing us dinner and providing hospitality. Debrah and Marty made thre kinds of jumbalya, Adrian moved to Algeirs from Philly so she could 'live in a place where people sit on porches and wave', The Very Rev. Dr. Jean Alden McCurdy Meade, Rector lead us in evening prayers, Caleb the altar boy, Daniel Fontbleu and his wife Marge White who came to evening prayers and ate jumbalya with us afterwards.

We are a little bit of these people we are all better for the journey, we are going further together, we are commanity.

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