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We're Going BIG in 2020

*NEW* FOR 2020

👍 More trips, more initiatives, and more ways to Live Replenished.

This coming year will be a flagship year for us. We will do more trips than in the past two years combined. 

However, we cannot lose sight of who Replenish is...It is you! We exist to serve local Pastors and Leaders and provide resources to help keep you healthier and in ministry longer.

We are working on a curriculum for teams and launching a Replenish coaching cohort. We are expanding our trip leaders and training some additional leaders. We are on target to raise more money than we ever have before too. A busy time indeed.

👍 We offer general trips, specific trips (like Student Pastors), and private sponsored trips for Pastors and Leaders.

This year we want to help keep nonprofit directors, board members, community leaders and our business community Replenished. We don't charge for Pastor but we do ask those who can afford to sponsor a Pastor or a trip or introduce us to those who can, to please do so. 

We can put together a custom-designed trip for your crew. We did this for a Cabo San Lucas destination trip earlier this year. We have two Student Pastor/Youth Pastor trips for 2020 and are dreaming of a Church Planters trip, Worship Pastors trip.... can you dream with us?

👍 We have some new cool destinations including Dallas, Austin, Breckenridge, Cabo San Lucas and Los Angeles.

If we can design a special destination trip for you, we would love to. If you have access to a vacation home that sleeps 10-12 we would love to partner. In short, we have cool locations but can add more.

👍 We are not yet at capacity. We are looking for additional trip sponsors who can bring 10-12 leaders on a trip and/or support it financially. 

This coming year we have significantly increased our sponsored trips. Some provide people some provide resources and some provide both. If you are a networker, let's see how we can partner and get your peers and colleagues on a trip. You know people that we don't and we want to help you help them. If you are able to provide resources for trips, that is fine too.

* You can sign up directly for trips HERE

What is the VALUE of a healthy soul?

In 2017, U.S. health care costs in the US were $3.5 trillion. Having a healthy body is a must but what about a healthy soul? How much would you pay to have a healthy soul?  A soul that enables you to love more, care more, be a better spouse or parent or leader, how much is that worth?

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?  For what can a man give in return for his soul? Mark 8

A body is kinda basic, our earthly experience requires it; but can we live without a soul? Some would say we dont have a soul. Can we touch it? Can we see it? Does it affect us? If so, how can we use this to our advantage? What does it require? The most important thing is how can we tell if it is healthy? 

These are great questions and some we explore on our Replenish experiences. 

On the lighter side...

Yes, we all have souls. Some have set out to substantiate this. If you are curious about how much your soul is worth there is an online test here and if you do decide to sell it, click here for a bill of sale for one's soul. Just for the record, you shouldn't sale your soul. 

On the more serious side...

Our soul impacts us tremendously. When our soul is full, we are better, give more, have more energy and are generally better people. When our soul is not full, or dirty or dark, it shows. We are cranky, unconcerned, restless, uncreative and generally not great company. Of course, to do justice in talking about a soul in a brief blog post is not even scratching the surface. We regularly discuss the "6 Domains of Soul" at Replenish experiences.

If you want more info on SOUL (not this kind), here are some recommended readings. 

  * Start with a good search of the scriptures on the word soul. Here is a start
  * Soul Keeping, by John Ortberg
  * How's Your Soul, by Judah Smith
  * Chicken Soup for the Soul, by Jack Canfield


If you want to help us help Pastors and Leaders stay healthier and more effective there are several ways you can help. In addition, to Replenish trip experiences, we also have, in-services, keynotes, training, Replenish Coaching.

👉 Sponsor a trip. We have some open trips. We are looking for additional trip sponsors who can bring 10-12 leaders on a trip and/or support it financially. If you are interested in chatting about this, lets set up a time to talk.
👉 Praying, Giving. If nothing else, please pray that God would continue to use us to help Replenish Pastors and Leaders. If our leaders are healthy so will be the thousands of people they impact.
👉 Vision coffee. We would love to come to your church, small group, life group or set up a meeting in your home to share our presentation about Replenish and how you and your friends can help us make an eternal impact.
👉 Liking, sharing and interacting with us on Social Media. This is understated and overlooked but hugely important. Find us on the Social Media platforms below and interact with us. The more likes, shares and interaction we get, the more people see us and the bigger voice we have.
👉 Year-End Giving. We need to close the gap in 2019 and look to increase in 2020. Our budget doubled but we are providing more than twice as many trips. To produce the curriculum, resources and trips our budget for 2020 is just over $200,000 that us a huge number for our team but with our team of Facilitators and trip sponsors with God's help, we will get it done.


There is strength in numbers. Our board works with generous donors and trip sponsors to cover our big expenses. However, you, the alumni, the Replenished, can be a BIG help as well.

If each of our alumni gave $25.00 per month that would almost cover one trip every month. Think about it, 10 Pastors Replenished every month with your monthly gift of only $25. That is HUGE.

Our goal is to get every one of our alumni to be monthly givers at ANY AMOUNT. If you cant give $25, give something, it doesn't matter how much or how little. Our goal is for 100% of our alumni to give something.


To end this year strong, we want to challenge 25 of you to lead the way and become a monthly donor AT ANY AMOUNT. This will get us well on our way of 100% participation.


We need to close the gap in 2019 and look to increase in 2020. Our budget doubled but we are providing more than twice as many trips. To produce the curriculum, resources and trips our budget for 2020 is just over $200,000 that us a huge number for our team but with our team of Facilitators and trip sponsors with God's help, we will get it done.


Thursday, October 31, 2019

Better, faster, stronger!

Better, Faster, Stronger - Ya, Kanye on the brain, great new record, but that's another story.

It is an amazing thing to see God move on our times away with Pastors and leaders.  Replenish truly captures what takes place in the lives of these influencers when they get away, connect with others


Taking care of yourself works; it makes you healthier, better for those around you and enables you to live longer. Whey arent people taking better care of themselves?  Good question.  Soul care is kind of like physical care or taking care of your body by going to the gym and eating right, everyone knows they should do if but not everyone does.

Most people when they return from a Replenish say something like, I didn't know how bad off I was or I didn't realize how much I needed this. Here are a couple quotes from recent trips, " They gave me hope. They gave me PEACE" and "I got my equilibrium back."

Sign up for a Replenish Experience


Over the past 5 years, we have taken hundreds of Pastors and Leaders on Replenish Trips. The need is increasing, our successes are amazing so it is only natural that we do more. In 2020 we will be doing more trips than we have before.  That means we will need more prayers, more resources, more Leaders and Pastors to get involved.  We are excited to partner with more business leaders for Replenish experiences and provide for Leaders in the business and community spaces that we had previously only provided for Pastors.


IMPACTING LIVES (the reviews are in)

North Texas Youth Ministries partnered with Replenish Retreats to impact and recharge a group of youth pastors in Hamilton, TX. It was amazing on all levels. Rawd and his team were very hospitable and ready to host our guys in a personal, yet professional manner. The facilities and food were top-notch which made our pastors feel like kings for a few days. The spiritual soul care was thoughtful and specific for them right where they were at the moment. These guys caught what Replenish group was screaming…we all have a soul and it needs attention before something breaks.  I would highly recommend any pastor taking a few days to break away from the normal routine and Replenish the soul and life priorities. We plan to make this a yearly investment into our team.  Thanks, RBJ!

--Trip Sponsor, Influencer

My recent “Replenish” Retreat was quite literally...a God-send. I tried to cancel at the last minute - feeling that I didn’t have the time or quite honestly, the emotional energy to engage with a group of strangers. But I’m so glad that I didn’t cancel. I went. The time out under a big Texas sky, the laughter with other pastors who know exactly what my life is like, and the heartfelt prayers lifted up to God on my behalf gave me clarity. They gave me hope. They gave me PEACE...  Replenish 2020? Sign me up!

--First Year Trip Participant

What Others Are Saying

"I got my equilibrium back."

"As I replenished, I got in touch with my inner kid, riding quads, jogging, hiking.... I took this home and began to replenish my kids too."

"As I stopped I realized I finally gave God a chance to work."

"I realized I had to stop knocking doors open and let god open them."


We plan our trips around influencers that can sponsor a trip of 10-12 Pastors and Leaders. Ideally, this is providing both finance and people but sometimes it is one or the other. If you would like to help us champion a full or partial trip, or become a strategic partner, let's chat.

Replenish (dba of Pure Group) is a 501c(3) and all donations to help keep Pastors and Leaders healthier and for longer are tax-deductible.

Send us a prayer for Pastors and Leaders

Help us finish 2019 strong and begin 2020 the right way


Lifesavers Foundation
Endegi and Andy Spencer
Autum Creek Chalet
North Texas YA
The Refuge Foundation

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Keeping our batteries charged.

Keeping our batteries charged.

What would it be like if you used your smartphone three days in a row and never recharged it?  Would you expect it to work right or work at all?

Replenish and Refuge

We spend a lot of time helping others keep recharged, refreshed, well, replenished. The Refuge helps us. We experienced a great time of connection and encouragement as we fished the Big Horn River just outside of Billings Montana. The team at The Refuge takes great care of their guests and we were no exception. Thanks to the ever generous and amazing John Harris for making the trip happen.


We still have four additional trips this year, several connecting events and need to finish strong financially.  We can do so much more when we work with partners like you.  Please PRAY for our trips and community engagements, RECCOMEND Pastors and leaders for our trips, SPONSOR a trip and help GIVE financially.

Secure online giving here

* To finish 2019 strong:  We are looking for 1 All in Partner ($10,000), 4 Impact Partners ($6,000), 15 Help Now Partners ($500) and 15 new monthly Partners.
* Trip sponsorships (Available trips for sponsorship are Oct 2019, January 2020 and March 2020)
* Speaking opportunities,
* Social Media retweets, likes and shares

Visit us online at 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

More Than Trips

Yes, we do trips.  We also take the message of Replenish to wherever we can, hoping to inspire others to live a balanced life of Replenish. 

We provide initiatives and resources to help keep Pastors healthier and in ministry longer. We developed a life-changing 4-day retreat and in addition, we are continuing our work with cohorts, aggressive networking opportunities, connecting at conferences, camps and educational events.  June and July we are presenting the topic of Soul Care with over 500 Pastors.
If you know someone who is in need of encouragement or has been tirelessly and endlessly involved in ministry and can use some new resources, connections, conversations or even a trip, please let us know. If you find yourself praying for, worrying about or wanting to help your Pastor friends, connect them to us. You can find us on social media or at our website.  As you know our resources are free for Pastors.  


March, April, and May were busy and productive.  Our Replenish Guatemala trip and our board retreat were amazing times of planning, strategy and of course Replenishing. We also opened up two new locations for Replenish trips right here in Texas. We have several opportunities to present the Replenish message and do a ton of networking. We have also been engaged to help replenish local church affiliations who meet but need something new a refreshing, something...Replenishing.
There are several ways to get involved.  The obvious ones are prayer and giving.  There are a few others.

LIKE us, RETWEET us, SHARE our posts and..... Help us create Replenishing content.  We would love to feature you as a guest blogger and repost some of your Replenishing content.  Follow us, tag us and we will repost, retweet and like as well.

Secure online giving here
Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know. —Sallie Krawcheck

If the old adage holds true about WHO you know not WHAT then we all need to be more intentional about doing more networking.

We were able to sponsor a networking breakfast in South Dallas in May and be part of a Refuge event in June.  

We love our generous supporters and Alumni network.  In addition, we gained some strategic partners with some key organizations and individuals. This year already we have benefited from sponsored events, new trip locations and trip sponsorship.

* Andy Spencer and The Engedi Group
* Jody Mow and The Lifesavers Foundation
* Kyle Embry and Youth Alive
Want to partner?  Here are some current needs.
* We are looking for one additional trip sponsor for a trip this November.  If you are interested, please let us know before July 15.
* Alumni Trip (February 2020, for past Replenish participants)
* Book and supply donations (contact us for a list of needs)
* The use of vacation homes or retreat centers
* Frequent flyer or hotel point donations
* Trip sponsorships (Available trips for sponsorship are Nov 2019, January 2020 and March 2020)
* Speaking opportunities (including
* Partner on written content (like Replenishing tips, bios or blogs we can use)
* Social Media retweets, likes and shares
Give Now

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Replenishing News January and February 2019

MORE IN 2019

Pastoring is not getting easier. We live in trying times and those who help others need help themselves.

Life is tougher, people are messier and ministry gets more demanding. That is why there is Replenish. There have been several recent reports of Pastors being overly stressed, in need of medication and even cases of suicide. Pastors need encouragement, spiritual help and connectivity to peers.

Replenish is proactively and preventatively investing into the lives of our leaders but the need persists.

The state of the Pastor statistics

Need to connect with more Pastors and specifically, the ones who need safe and constructive replenishing experiences. Please help us pray for open avenues and networking opportunities to connect with them. If you need to connect us with someone please let them know or contact us or forward email.

Our 2019 financial goal is $162,000. We have received donations and pledges of just over $50,000 we believe we can make it happen.  Would you consider being a Replenish Partner?  Online Giving Here.


Already two trips into 2019, God moved and they were both amazing. They were full to capacity, full of amazing Pastors and full of God stories. Our cohort and other post-trip initiatives are in full swing.

Cross Bayou Ministries Duck Retreat
By Dr. Brian Bradford

The annual Louisiana Replenish duck retreat had some incredible spiritual victories and breakthroughs with the 30 men who braved the weather and the swamp.
One pastor (who typically attends but couldn't this year due to cancer treatments) lamented his absence but shared later how he felt the prayers of those present who interceded for his healing. Another pastor sobbed as the men gathered around him, laid hands on his shoulders, and prayed for God's grace to extend from him onto his wife, kids, and those in his church. God truly shows up when we retreat away, get out in His creation, and watch the Holy Spirit show up!"

Our First Ever Student Pastor Trip

By Jonathan Wilkerson

How a van ride changed my life

If I were to tell you that a van full of Youth Pastors changed my life, one might think I’m being extreme. I found myself on a journey with a diverse group of guys with different educational backgrounds, church styles, theologies, families and life experiences yet with one common desire....Replenishing. 

I am a Youth Pastor and most would think my life-changing van ride might refer to me leaving the ministry or the disheartening stats of Youth Pastors; most staying less than two years which leaves many students seeing multiple Youth Pastors come and go as they manage their Jr and Sr High School years.

The van full of Youth Pastors that changed my life was my Replenish Group. With all different educations, church styles, families, and life experience our collaboration was something amazing. None of us started the trip with anything other than a desire to grow and well, replenish and that is exactly what happened. From night one, with no regard for pride, these young men opened up. They wanted something more than a fun trip to Dallas, Texas. From what I have seen in my 10 years of in ministry it can take a little while to break through the walls that young leaders put up. These walls can come from ego, pride, hurt, and sometimes inexperience. This was not the case for my trip and the life change that happened was an answer to many prayers.

It was awesome to invest into twelve millennials who are not only on the front line of ministry doing Youth Ministry but who represent the future of ministry.

For anyone who is an alumnus of Replenish, we all know that the food, fun, and experiences are amazing but what makes Replenish unique is the brotherhood that comes with your group. This trip fit the mold of Replenish to the tee. This group of Youth Pastors included six from North Carolina, one from Houston, three from Dallas, and one from Colorado. Even though there were only eleven of us I have never seen so much brisket devoured, so many falls from a mechanical bull, and so much desire to be Replenished. Our cohort will see one of us get married this year, another close in on completing his education, and one who has already taken a major leap into ministry role that he never expected. Our brotherhood is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life and I truly believe that all alumnus can agree with me on that one.

For anyone who is a donor to this kingdom cause, thank you. Without you this would never have happened. Your following of what God had on your life has changed my ministry forever. There is no doubt that this trip helped every man who was a part of it but for a couple of guys I truly believe this trip could have saved their ministry. Burnout is a major factor for many leaders in ministry and it doesn’t take decades to reach this point. We are seeing this more and more and because of your donation to this kingdom cause, burnout was not able to take hold in the lives of these youth pastors.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Replenish Year End Update


Replenish is about keeping full, living life to the fullest and helping keep Pastors in ministry long term.  We believe it is better to prevent challenges than repair them*.


In many ways, it was our best year yet.  We were more aggressive this year than any other year. We made great partners, raised solid funding, shared the message of Replenish to thousands via churches, retreats, post-Replenish initiatives, seminars, sharing digital resources and we saw just under 100 Pastors on trips.  If the average church size is around 184 we indirectly reached over 18,000 parishioners this year alone.  Ya, we were busy.  

We began 2018 with our good friends at Cross Bayou Ministries and partnered for a retreat in Jonesville Lousiana. featuring swamps and duck hunting.  Then our annual board meeting, a trip to LA and Bakersfield and our first trip in Colorado followed.  Summer is a great time to encourage family vacations and personal renewal so we did.  We finished off the year with a sponsored trip in September and our most recent here in DFW.  All in all a great year.  Below are some stories from the field.

Here are some testimonies.

Meet Pastor Benito of Freedom Church Round Rock  HERE

Meet Pastor Arron of New Community Church HERE


We just finished our 6th trip of 2018 and found some new kindreds and amazing partners.  We had an awesome group of Pastor from Southern Ca, Northern Ca., Houston and some local North Texans. 

Some were admittedly more in need of Replenishing than some and others came ready to be filled, others came aware they needed more but didn't know how much till half way in.  After bonding at several Dallas landmarks and over great BBQ we began "getting real" at the Culpepper House. The thing that stood out on this trip was the intensity of conversation.  Some groups are Theologically diverse but not this one so it enabled us to go deep.  This was our first trip to Ennis Texas where our accommodations were amazing.  We experienced a phenomonon called the Cowboy Church and the wonderful people at the Culpepper House opened their doors and let the hospitality overwhelm us.  Also, the team at Pop Top Coffee made sure we were caffeinated and provided some amazing breakfast burritos/tacos.


Since Pastoring is not getting any easier we need to do more this year than we have in the past.  This is our 2019 forecast.

     * We are projecting 12 trips with post-trip initiatives to follow.  

     * We will also be working with several key organization on regional Replenishes, Lunch and learns, vision coffees and partnering with other like-minded ministries.  

     * We are increasing our voice and influence by networking, social media, speaking, presenting, keynotes, meetups and lecturing will get us in front of thousands of people, dozens of churches and many generous donors. 

     * With your help we also want to procure a long-term lease for a property in East Texas where we can have complete access to host trips but also to loan to Pastors for family time, study time and personal renewal.  The property also allows us to entertain Pastors with fishing, hiking, golfing, grilling, private banquet rooms and is across the street from a lake.  The place sleeps 10 and we would make it available to our network of Pastors free of charge.

Our financial forecast for 2019 is $176,000.  This includes all trips, cohorts, pre-trip expenses, and staff salaries and a property lease.  We can do it with partners like you. 

Please PRAY, GIVE and consider SHARING RESOURCES.  If you can help with any of the following please email us and let us know.  Below are several specific ways of assisting us as we reach thousands by helping Pastors.

    * We want to increase our prayer coverage to 50 praying for us each week.

    * We are looking for some miscellaneous resources.
        - Vacation homes that sleep 12-15 to use in Southern Ca and Florida.  
        - Regional hosts to donate and serve meals
        -Hotel rooms that can be donated or purchased with hotel reward programs.  

    * Gifts 
        -$6,000 one time gift covers one whole trip for 12-15 Pastors
        -$500 per month provides one trip for 12-15 Pastors, 
        -$42 per month covers one Pastor on a trip. 
        -$25 is the cost of 2 Starbucks drink each week for a month 


Besides the obvious like prayer, favor, safety, and anointing, first of all we really need connections from people like you to their Pastors who need Replenishing. The second thing is resources and funding for the trips and post-trip initiatives.

march.JPG image.png  image.png


We need to finish this year in the black and launch our two January trips strong. Please pray and consider helping keep Pastors Replenished with a year-end gift.  

We are looking to secure $19,500 to cover year-end expenses.


Shout out to our amazing partners this year.

  * The Culpepper House - - amazing historical B and B
  * Cross Bayou Ministries - - our partners for January Duck Hunt Retreat
  * Poptop Coffee - - amazing coffee and food and really cool people too
  * On Target Range - - great range just outside of DFW that also trains churches defensively.  

  * Reclaim Leadership - - Eric and his team serve Pastors and help them recalibrate  
  * The Refuge Foundation - not new but always a supportive partner
  * The Cowboy Church of Ellis County - - amazing breakfast and tour
  * Paul Mitchel The School -


Alumni of Replenish, you know first hand what Replenish meant to your soul and ministry.  We want to challenge our entire database of alumni to help give the gift of Replenish as you pay it forward.  Here are three ways.

1.  Sponsor a Pastor or trip
2.  Recommend us to your Pastor, Pastor friends or colleagues
3.  Host a Vision Coffee - gather a group of friends at your home and let us do a presentation about Replenish

Here is something cool -  we are putting together an alumni-only trip in 2019 and every alumnus who donated in 2018 would be eligible to attend (based on availability). 

* We have resources for Pastors who need intensive help.  We offer nonjudgemental, private and professional help and referrals