Friday, February 23, 2007

communicating to young people.

communicating to young people.

1. be fresh – teach from your knowledge, preach out of your overflow and communicate using your skill.

2. be yourself – what are your strengths as a communicator? Find them and use them (ie drama, multi-media, hand in pocket, fire and brimstone).

3. have a recipe - opening protocol, text, ESS, several solid points, opening story (preferable funny or whitty), supportive texts and/or illustrations, closing element, altar (if needed) and strong close.

4. K.I.S.S. - need i say more?

5. allow different contexts to dictate style (ie. small group, school, evangelistic rally, public street, soapbox...).

6. connect.

7. use illustrations, examples and stories.

8. use a monthly theme and hit a subject four ways.

9. don’t do it alone – enlist the help of other qualified teachers.

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Unknown said...

good list, though #4, combined with the picture is a bit "creepy old man"


ken ;-)