Saturday, January 04, 2014

A Narrative for the New Year

It seems like everyone makes new years resoultions. It also seems like they are seldom kept or if they are, we sure dont hear a lot about it in December. Hmmmmm.

Lets add another layer. Narritive in many ways, drives who we are. Recently there has been lots of talk about story and how life is lived in story but i like to think more about a living narritive. Stories come and go, can be dismissed, mytholigized or even demonized. A narritive guides story. It is a path or part of a bigger world view. A living narrative is set in motion yet open for the characters influence in a destiny yet to be written.

Back to new years resolutions. In the past i've endeavored to set and accomplish some new years goals. Sadly, i have limited my new year narritive the last few years to a do and dont list i call new years resolutions. More of a task list really. One i create in December keep in January and forget in February. In restrospect i feel like the brunt of Stewart Smaleys pithy coloqualism...."I am a human being not a human doing."

So this year i want to live in the narritive. One of passion, excitement, people, conflict and triumph. I wanna be in Gods narritive for mankind not only lose weight. I wanna go all the way. I want to live for Him, through Him and in Him. I want to do life with others living vibrantly in the narritive. I want to help other live beyond goals into life, beyond slavery into freedom, beyond mundane to awesomeness.

The narrative of the kingdom is not trivial, temporal or trite but it is life to the freakin fullest. I want to risk, grow, leap, excel, achieve and inspire those around me. I want to be part of His plan and part of the game.

Off the sidelines and into the headlines.

Drop mic, walk off stage........

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome, Rawd. I'm on that journey also. Life was meant to be lived to the fullest but is only possible when we are fully IN God.