Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Love.....Love

I'm not talking about hearts and chocolate.  Not about cupids and arrows.  Not romance, not sex, not holding hands on the beach not a personal passion or unicorns or puppies. I love love. I think love is the most over-used and mis-understood word in the English language. The Greeks had a better understanding of it because they had four different words to describe what we use for one. There is even a sub-conscience communication we use to give and receive love called the 5 Love Languages.**
However, if we really open the word up, like an ancient treasure chest, we will find that the concept is a treasure much better than gold and jewels.
The concept of love is difficult to understand. To pinpoint the words origin also adds to the complication. The word has Old English, Proto-Germanic and Latin influences and was first used before the 12th century. has 27 different meanings for the word and i know there are dozens more. Its used to describe everything from affection to sex. The concept is problematic at best.
I like to think of two concepts, not definitions, that draw out the true meaning and value of love.
 1.  It is an unconditional commitment rooted in the way God loves us.
God first modeled love for us by creating us, then sending His son to die for us.  That is the ultimate love, sacrificial love. The kind of love i want from God and the kind I hope to give to others.
 2. It is an action word.
Ive found that love, even unconditional love that sits on a shelf and does nothing is not really love. I think love counts the most when it is in use, in action, when it is given away. Love is an action word.
I believe love is at its best when it is modeled more than defined.  When it is with the unlovable and the neglected, the profane and the hurt. It brings light to the darkness and hope to the destitute. It prefers sacrifice over safety and life over death.
God is love.

** The 5 Love Languages is a book by Dr. Gary Smalley.  I will be teaching a seminar based on this info at Christian Family Center (2719 s Hampton rd Dallas tx 75224) March 4 at 7pm. If you would like info on how to attend email me.

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