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Top 5 Reads of 2013

Top 5 Reads of 2013
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Charles "Tremendous" Jones said, "Tomorrow you will be the same person as you are today with the exception of the books you read and the people you meet."

2013 was a good year for reading for me. There are several still on my shelf that didn't make the 2013 cut but will be good early 2014s.

I have a theory about what makes the best book the best book... When the book we are reading fits the place in life we are. As i look at the books i read this year and know how much they impacted me and then to consider their topics i can kind of see what was going on in a macro sense. Kinda cool.

5. The Speed of Trust - Another win from the Covey franchise. This book make one point; simple,crystal  clear, deep and so profound..... Trust is a currency that helps relationships and organizations better and function quicker. This simple and under-stated thought is emphasized in a way that made me say, ahhhh, now i get it.
4. David and Goliath - Gladwell opens the book by telling the ubiquitous its never been told before; and it only gets better. The master story teller, the inturcolater of inturcolation unpacks the saga of underdogs in sports, politics and education.  If you like MG you will love this.
3. Delivering Happiness - Biographies are inspirational reads. Biographies about successful people and organizations are even better. Tony Hsieh's tale of personal growth and personally growing a billion dollar company are very inspiring. What makes it interesting is the unique way Hsieh thinks and leads his organization. Great take aways include his love and use of corporate culture, leading from his gut and his willingness to put it all on the line for his beliefs.
2. Leading on Empty - If i read this book last it probably would have been #1.  This book became a manual of sorts, i referenced it in coaching and leading pastoral retreats. The first 2/3 of this were pure gold as far as personal replenishment and restoration, it is some of the best stuff around. It reads as a personal journal from a recovering stress addict (a very intelligent, Godly, wise one).
1. Every Good Endeavor - the best of the best. I wanted to read a Keller book because i am slow to the Tim Keller party and because the content. The subject of work as worship, God in the workplace or chaplains in the marketplace is very exciting. Keller weaves a narrative of work as a central part of the human experience. He intertwines worship, theology, politics, self worth and culture in the package called work or as Keller would put it, Every Good Endeavor.

Honorable Mention
Replenish - great thoughts of personal renewal, refreshing and re thinking replenishment for pastors.
Love Works - great thoughts on love and culture from the CEO of Herschion.
Bold Leadership - great thoughts on chaplains and spiritual leaders in the workplace through the stories of the people making it happen.

Tribal Influence - Ron Viette let me read a pre release of his book, cant wait til everyone gets their hands on this.
Inferno - I needed a fiction read, Dan Brown, thriller, say no more.
China Study - diet, habit, health, one of the reasons I'm a wanna be vegan.

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