Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Current Stat of Pastors Mental Health and Statistics Stats can be dreary but the good news is Replenish is here to help!


Seems like we can always find stats to fit any occasion. I dont like that, because then facts become white noise and truth can be subjective. That said, I have to give some stats.

Here are a few of the statistics on pastor stress:

* 90% work 55 to 75 hours per week

* 90% feel fatigued and worn out every week

* 91% have experienced some form of burn out

* 70% have a lower self-esteem then when they entered the ministry

* 70% fight depression

The average seminary trained pastor lasts five years in professional ministry

When pastors are over-stressed their marriages and families suffer too:

* 80% feel unappreciated and left out and unappreciated by church members

* 80% feel pressured to serve in ways that do not fit their gifts

* Over 50% say that the most destructive event in their marriage and family was the day they entered the ministry

* 80% wish their spouse would choose another profession

Pastors get so preoccupied caring for others that their own souls suffer:

* 72% only study the Bible when preparing their sermons for others

* 70% do not have a close friend

* 50% do not regularly meet with an accountability partner or group

* 44% do not regularly take a day off

* 85% have never taken a Sabbatical!

This is borrowed from the website (https://bit.ly/3nf2tIj) great article, you should read it.


This hits close to home because in the past two years Replenish has seen a huge need for Soul Care and the need keeps growing. The challenge is not meeting the need but convincing some that the need is real. There are more opportunities for Soul Care than ever but the real challenge is doing it.

It's like eating broccoli or going to the gym, everyone knows they should do it, but eating fast food and watching Tiktoc is way easier.

Replenish has amazing Experiences, Soul Care opportunities, and interactive small groups to help you take care of your soul.

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