Friday, July 08, 2016

Created for Connection

Below is something i'm working on regarding how one of the reasons God created mankind was for relationship with Him and with each other.

I would love some interaction and comments below in the comment section.

All caps are the [HEBREW] words.

[1:26] Then God said, “Let Us make [ASAH] man in Our image[TSELEM], according to Our likeness[DAMA/DEMUTH];
Accomplish:  man in our image 1. Who is our 2. What is image/likeness
[1:27] God created [CREATED]  man in His own image[TSELEM], in the image[TSELEM] of God He created him; male and female He created them.

The Hebrew word for make in verse 26 is ASAH and it means to do to make or produce.  God is producing something new and original.  He is making or producing a man.  The word for create that is used earlier in Gensis 1 is BARA, which is a similar Hebrew word.  Some say the words are pretty interchangeable but there is a difference in the way they are used.  Only God can create (BARA) out of nothing while both God and man can make (ASAH) something.  So God created (BARA) the heavens and the earth out of nothing but then he made (ASAH) man in his image.  This could mean a couple different things regarding connection.

Only God can create something from nothing, but man can make something from something.  God set things in motion but allows man to build on that foundation.  Several times in the creation epic we see God create something and then make something following, almost like He was setting the example.  God created the heaves and earth but made the expanse between the waters above and below he also made garments from leaves and later from animal skins for man to wear.  Some say there is little difference between BARA and ASAH much like the english words create and make, but it looks like there is a connection connection in how God creates and then wants us to make something from that.  A loving Father sets the example for his children to follow.  If we follow His lead we can and should continue to make things out of what he created.

It also shows how man is connected to the rest of creation.  He is actually created from what is already created.  In verse 26 God says let us make (ASAH) man and in verse 27 He ends up creating him (BARA).  This could be the Genesis author is just interchanging words or it could be that God created things then made man from that creation to be a new creation.  My brain hurts right about now.

Man is really only dirt, but God spoke and created the dirt and then formed the dirt into man.  This is how man was created (BARA) as dirt and made (ASAH) in Gods image.

Is this too far fetched?
Does this make sense?
Could it help people see how we are created for connection?


Anonymous said...

Ok, my brain hurts too. I haven't had to think this hard since college. I can't see the connection you make between God's image and dirt. Did I miss something? Because when you say that we are made in His image and "Man is only dirt," then I feel like you are saying that He is dirt. Now, I know that is not what you are insinuating, but that is what I read as I follow your logic. I do, however see your connection between man and God's creations. I see it as man being able to make things out of what God created. Therefore, we are connected to the things we make, in turn being connected to God. Am I on the right track? "Could it help people see how we are created for connection?" To me, this question needs to be clarified. I'm not sure if you mean created for connection to each other or to the things we make. I will stop here because I can't think anymore. I will have to revisit this at a time when there are no distractions around me. Thank you for the brain workout :D

Unknown said...

I love the direction you are taking and I agree that the Hebrew words BARA and ASAH are not really interchangeable. As you pointed out God spoke and it (Heaven, Earth, animals...) and it was created. Man on the other hand was "crafted" by God. God took the elements (dust) of the Earth he spoke spoke to create and gently "crafted" man in His likeness. The entire Universe was created in an instant but when it came to man He took His time. God was/is passionate about us.
Keep going
Stan Cornelis

Steven Ratliff said...

Hey Rawd.....I feel that BARA and ASAH can be seen throughout the Bible. Passage says man that doesn't work will not eat. Humans (ASAH) will only discover through God's divine instruction. Progress is made through working and learning, after the MASTER has given instructions. Man will adapt and evolve in production after the "foundation" has been given.
The parable of the man that buried the talent. He was given the talent and because of his fear he buried it. The "master" gave him the means to create after he was given the tools. He chose not to "create" (ASAH) something new from that. If BARA AND ASAH were the same would man have the ability to create?
My Christian walk is not what it was when I was first saved. God has given me the tools (lBARA) and I have the ability (ASAH) to either learn or stay static with where I am at in my walk. The ebb and flow of my Christian walk is exactly that....I can continue to follow the drawing of the Holy Spirit, or I can choose to stray away.
Don't misunderstand what I am saying but my Christian walk can be as deep or as shallow as I choose for it to be. That is IF I use the free will that the CREATOR (BARA) has given me as a human (ASAH).
Creator creates and it is our job to do something with it.
You have made me think today. Thanks for the nugget!!
Steven Ratliff

Daniel De La Torre said...

Pastor Rawd,

This is wisdom what you are sharing. I do believe that we were created for connection, not only to God, but to our neighbors.

God did make man from dirt and breathed life into him, then he made Eve from Adams rib. That in itself is connection between God and Man, Woman for man. They were made to reproduce for some more connection creations.

This does make sense, Man was made in his image from the earth (dirt) a creation from a creation. He breathed life into him.

God made Man for himself, it pleased God to create us. He created Man and Woman for himself, that is connection. Connection between Man and woman, then their offspring, their offspring for connection with Him and everyone else that came were created and knit together in their mothers wombs for relationships and connection with others.

Daniel De La Torre