Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Value of Quitting (aka quitting is not for losers)

Quitting is not for quitters. For a month now i have been barraged with the benefits of quitting. Ive even been considering a day of the week where i will quit something each week. I first heard of this reading an interview with Bob Goff (here ...number 5). I hope im tenacious enough to do it. Ill start tomorrow. Hopefully i can make it past February without quitting quitting things. Ugh.

Anyway, below are my jumbled thoughts on quitting. I felt the need to get this out sooner that taking the time to refine it. Welcome to my mind.

1. Pastor Ron Vietti added the straw that broke the camels back and prompted me to get this done ASAP. When P Ron speaks, i listen. FB comment here

2. I began quitting some time ago when i developed my To Dont List. I used this i conjunction with a college course i was teaching. Here

I guess im not the only one to do so

Here is more.     And here.  And here

3. Startup companies always have this as an option. It makes business sense, why not personal? Read more

4.  Sometimes we win by quitting or lose by winning.  The book Think like a Freak give two incredible examples of this. One by a habitual gambler and an up and coming rock star who both won but not in the way you think. Get this book!!

5. Quit Cold Turkey or Use A Commitment device?  We know what cold turkey is, a Commitment device is something that helps us quit. A challenge with a friend, a reminder app, a website that tracks our progress, in extreme cases, a large wager or bariatric surgery.

6. Bullets then cannonballs. In the book Great by Choice, Jim Collins describes the process of determining when and how to go big on educated quesses. He calls it bullets then cannon balls. Ill spare the incredible explanation and great read because you need to read this too and just say this. Shoot enough bullets to see if you hit something. If you domfire a cannonball. If not, quit.

Quitting is not failure, just stopping something or cutting your losses or reorganizing. 

So now its time to quit. Quit reading this and go quit something. Now.

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