Saturday, January 02, 2016

Listens 2015

I read, I listened.  I enjoyed.  2015 was a good year for this.  I wonder what 2016 brings?

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Worship albums worth getting

I came across some great music this year. Im always looking for new and creative music that impacts culture in a positive way. Most were 2015  releases, A couple i just came across in 2015.

Most of the below is worship but the last two are not. Still very much worth the listen. I like to find bands that have solid believers in them and keep them in prayer. They need it as they shine the light in dark places. I feel for the rich and famous that are close to finding Christ or living their life before Him and many, many others.

Liz Vice
I came across Liz when she only had two songs released and couldnt wait for the rest of the record to be released. It didnt disappoint. Part R&B, part soul, all passion and worship. This is not cookie cutter worship. She is fresh and has a voice that is only described as powerful.

King Kaleidoscope. Becoming Who We Are
Diverse. Catchy. Lyrically solid and worth getting now.

Misty Edwards. Little Bird.
Usual Misty: quirky, thoughtful and creative. This is some worship some standalone and all very listenable. Her musicians are marketdly better her than in the past.

Bethel Music. We Will Not Be Shaken (live)
This is the 10 release by Bethel and kinda typical, but not in a bad way, more like a good solid dependable worship way.

I love what the Hillsong brand has done to bring worship music mainstream and love even more the fact that they stay relevant as the create new instances for new generations (United, Young and Free, kids, etc).

Hillsong Young & Free. EP This is Living.
This EP is amazing. I liked their first release but this is even better. The title song This is Living is amazing but even more amazing thanks to a cameo from Lacrae.

Hillsong United. Empire.
Since Y&F already dominated, ill give United an honorable mention. Very Euro sounding prob not gonna be found replicated in mainstream churches but there are a couple catchy tunes.

Islander. Violence and Destruction.
For a nu metal band thats only been around for a couple years, these guys are on it. They have been credited as one of the bands bringing hard rock back from dying. The mix of rock, funk, a little screamo and solid, solid, did i say solid lyrics make these guys one of my faves. I still wanna know what a Coconut Dracula is though.

Twentyone pilots.
Some are calling 2015 the breakout year for these guys. Its hard to identify their genra so ill call it awesomeness. It funky, intelligent, contagious, whimsical, lovable and more. Its poetry set to synth, ukulele or keys. Unlike some bubblegum music this does not get old or rot your teeth.

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