Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Why Say Goodbye?

In general, people don't like goodbyes.  “Later”, “see ya” or other euphemisms are usually more heard than “Goodbye”.  Shakespeare coined the phrase parting is such sweet sorrow, but really? C’mon Bill.  Here is the quote in context...

Even though saying goodbye is as normal as hello, we dont like to end things.  Ya, goodbye is not permanent but it does signify that we are stopping something.  

Is goodbye sweet?  Is it sorrowful?  Is it both or neither?  Saying goodbye to a bad habit and saying goodbye to your kids for a long work trip are sweet and sorrowful but only in that order.

Goodbye to the the heat.  Goodbye to Summer.  Goodbye to long hours and longer days.  Goodbye to seasonal acquaintances, throngs of people bees and mosquitoes.  It seems that parting is more sorrow than sweet because of our fond memories.

But saying goodbye to something means saying hello to others.

Hello to the FutureThere is a great big world out there with lots of new people to meet, things, to do, books to read or write and so on.  We cannot embrace the past too much or we forget were in the present but making plans for the future.

Hello the the Next ChapterA chapter must be finished before a new one can begin.  Time to turn the page and see what God has next.  The next chapter could be better than the last.

Hello to Fall, Holidays, Winter and MoreFootball, new classes, new challenges at work, new friends, new halloween costumes (ha) Thanksgiving feast, Christmans and NEW Years all await, hello.

Hello to New FriendsWe all need new friends new influences and new experiences.  People have a wonderful way of providing so much layer to an otherwise controlled life.  Old friends are a must but new ones are a blessing.

Hello to New GrowthUltimately, we need to grow and change (saying goodbye) is part of that process.  There are some things we must say goodbye to and some things we would rather not but unless we say goodbye to some, we may not be able to say hello to others.

Embrace the Goodbye.

In closing enjoy the rest of the quote as a parting salve.

'Tis almost morning, I would have thee gone—
And yet no farther than a wan-ton's bird,
That lets it hop a little from his hand,
Like a poor prisoner in his twisted gyves,
And with a silken thread plucks it back again,
So loving-jealous of his liberty.

I would I were thy bird.
Sweet, so would I,
Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.
Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Romeo And Juliet Act 2, scene 2

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