Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Check Your Vitals; especially for the new year!

Everything that is healthy needs to be checked up on.  People, systems, automobiles and even our own body need a little assessment, analyzation and a few tweaks every so often.  The start of the year is a great time to do just that, check yourself out; give your self a personal EKG.  I check myself regularly on the following areas.  This is not an exhaustive list but is it some things i'm currently checking myself on.

1.  Beneficial Contacts
Check the little stack of business cards on your desk.  How many of them have been acquired in the last 90 days?  How many of them are significant?  Getting good contacts is seldom an accident. A good strategy for obtaining key contacts is a must for a healthy check up.
Exercise:  list three ways you can meet significant or "upper" contacts in the next 30 days (hint; think network groups, social establishments and friends that can introduce you).

2.  Recent Accomplishments
You need to have a list of you most recent "rock star" accomplishments.  These should be in your head, your heart and definitely written down somewhere.  You never know when someone will ask you what you do or when you might have to defend your job.  Dont have any recent?  Get some ASAP!

3.  Forward Vision
Vision is assumed but it shouldn't be. I want to talk about a big and forward leaning vision but first we have to talk about vision period.  If you have a vision, make sure it is big and not only you but those you lead can be very passionate about it. If you dont have one; step one is realization, step two is acquiring.

4.  Support
Is your family healthy?  What is your spouse complaining about right now?  Is your pace sustainable in light of your support systems?  Do you have replenishing relationship or are you the perpetual giver?  Find balance, find support, find support for you and your mission.

5.  A Passionate Elevator Pitch
You need at least 2 elevator pitches ready to go at anytime; especially in youth ministry.  Here is an example; someone asks you what your real job is...you launch in to elevator 1.0.  Example two, someone notices how well your ministry is doing and yet how underfunded it is...you launch in to elevator 2.0.  If you dont know what an elevator pitch is, email me.

6.  Physical Well Being
Lets face it, if you are not doing well yourself, you are probably not your best for others.  So, eat 4 servings of fruits and veg each day, 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week, get a good nights sleep, keep your mind stimulated, take your vitamins, surround yourself with good friends and stay plugged in to God.

PS get your annual physical too!

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