Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Music Therapy - Brian "Head" Welch

three years ago i didn't know corn on the cob from korn the band.

my friend erik (in the pic below) was a fan and besides attempting to share their music with me told me he was praying for them - good job erik.

anyway, i was browsing the news one day and i saw that a member of the band korn had a religious experience, i would have missed it, except that this epiphany happend at a church in southern california where my uncle was the pastor. i saw his church, him and brian welch on tv. nice. time to call erik.

after confirming the story with my uncle and erik i still was not a korn fan.

fast forward a couple of years; brian has released a couple of books telling his incredible testimony and earlier in the month a cd.

we had the chance to meet him at a local release party and i have to tell the story.

i introduced myself and we exchanged small talk. i thought it would be cool to tell the story of eriks prayer with brian so i did. "hey man, i really didn't know much about korn but erik was a fan and kept telling me he was praying for you and i though it would be cool for you to know that."

here is the coolest part.

a huge smile came across brians face and he gave erik a giant high five and a hug. this made my day - the power and joy of salvation!

Below are some links to some decent reading material regarding brian and his new life.

coming soon, i'll review the cd and the video, but beware the video is a bit of a jaged pill to swallow.

fan site - here
brians myspace - http://www.myspace.com/brianheadwelch
see the video for flush - here (caution - pg13)
testimony/prayer at church - here
some celebrity fodder - here
the making of the video flush - here

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