Monday, June 23, 2008

What is WVM?

What is WVM?

To the above question, I'm glad you asked. What is Wonder Voyage Missions. As mentioned in a previous entry, I am currently leading a team of 30 from Dallas on a pilgrimage to NOLA.

Our theme is surrender and each day we will do a couple of several possibilities, typically relating to our theme. We will probably do a service project. We will most likely dissect a reason or two of why we did our project and afterwards, what did we learn from our project. We might visit a site of historic or spiritual relevance to the region. We might engage in a WV ritual like an encounter time, moment of wonder or a pilgrimage exercise.

At the end of the day and week we will have served the community by practical, tangible acts of love. We will have partnered with local benevolent organizations and we will all have changed lives!!

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