Monday, June 23, 2008

Drive By

Drive by

We wanted to get focused and give ourselves context, so it made sense that we survey the big easy. We drove through some of the areas most devistated by hurricane Katrina. Some thought, surely three years later Katrinas impact was null or repaired; but we were surprised to find that still her impact continues to shape the city. This week we are determined to also impact the community (but in a different way).

We drove through the lower 9th ward (see pics), Chalmatt and St Bernard parish; some of the areas most devistated. It was a virtual study in demographics, socialiogy and disasterology. Stlll 4 years later things were not even close to 'normal'. There were delapated houses, molded houses, rebuilt houses, houses with no water or electricity, houses scheduled for demoliton, business barely open, businesses partially open, buisnesses that will never re-open.

Our theme this week is surrender, it was interesting to see a city under surrender. Obviously, they had no choice but to surrender to the elements; we have a choice. Scripture teaches us we have a choice to surrender but only for now. Later there will be no choice: every knee WILL bow and every tongue WILL confess or surrender to Christ. This week we choose to surrender and daily we continue to choose to surrender.

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