Thursday, November 30, 2006

branded. part I

brand‧ed  /ˈbræn dɪd/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[bran-did] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. marked with a branding iron to show ownership: branded cattle.
2. Commerce. carrying the brand or trademark of a manufacturer: branded merchandise.

[Origin: 1645–55; brand + -ed3]

more practically a brand is a kind, grade or make. a mark, image or something made by burning or otherwise denoting ownership. it is also a beginning, to observe, look or take head and lastly, a target, marker or goal.

ok, so now you know right? wrong. you have the definition above but lets explore a little more.

everything is branded, everything. you, me, every company, every animal, vegetable, mineral, EVERYTHING. what is your brand? You have one, even if you purposely try to keep away from committing oneself to a brand, that is your brand. so get used to it, you are branded. actually, the decision is not to brand or not to brand it is to keep or change ones brand. here is how important it is – a good brand makes people remember that brand.

a branding quiz…

1. apple
2. internet explorer
3. kellogs frosted flakes
4. mcdonalds
5. nike
6. pepsi
7. play station
8. puma
9. shell
10. volkswagon

So what do you think? Is branding something pretty cool? For what? Who would use it and why. maybe you know maybe you don’t – read on. or… if you don’t care, don’t read on you will be bored. in fact, if you are bored click here.

Stay tuned for part II

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