Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tale of Two Batteries

I just got a new phone.  I really didn't want to upgrade because the price for smartphones is getting insane; still, on some levels, it is a necessary evil.  I had learned to live with my old phone.  It was slow, the battery only lasted a couple of hours, the camera didn't work and the screen was cracked and actually getting more cracked as time passed.  I was able to look beyond the discomfort to my ear and the shard of glass in my finger from continuing to use the screen, despite the continued dilapidation.  Ya, I missed a few pics here and there because the regular camera didn't work, but I became a pro at using the front facing cam for more than selfies.  The speed became a problem but the battery was a real pain though.  I was charging it multiple times a day.  I got used to it and even justified it but finally, after a family intervention, I acquiesced and upgraded.

I didn't know how behind the times I was.  I looked it up, my previous phone was 4 years old.  This is beyond antiquated, especially considering technology doubles about every 12 months.  It was a slow side to where I was and I didn't realize it.  Things weren't working, they weren't normal and I didn't realize it because it had happened so gradually.  

This can happen with other things in life too.

I'm reminded of what a Pastor said last year on a Replenish Trip, "I didn't realize how tired I was and how much I was doing it on my own, without God."  Ya, his battery needed an overhaul too.

How long has it been since your last full battery charge?  Are you running slower, is your memory full or are those closest to you getting cut by your abrasiveness?  Time for re-evaluation, time for re-freshening, time for re-plenish.

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