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Replenish 2017 Update

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2017 in review

2013 Pismo Beach
After 5 years of minimal effort we embraced God’s challenge to do more. We put together a team and forecast 5 times the trips we did in 2016. We spread the news of Replenish in churches, conferences, board rooms and online.  Developed a cohort concept took over 40 Pastors on 4 trips, created 4 Cohorts that meet monthly and developed a Replenish strategy that works for denominations.  

Rawd giving a Replenish talk at a conference in CA
2018 is coming

Our team is ready to really make things happen.  We will do 10 domestic trips, 2 internation trip, plan for 10 Cohorts, engage in major networking, finish our denominational strategy pilot  program and roll it out for test groups in Chicago and just outside of Winston-Salem.  We are also working on a Replenish In-service for larger churches and organizations. Needless to say, 2018 will be very busy for Replenish.  

Some voices from our 2017 trips

 “I didn’t realize I had been doing it in my own strength, I need to pray and trust God to build His church.”

 “In 25 years of ministry, no one has ever done something so nice for me.”

 “When we arrived at the ranch I looked at the stars and the mountains and wanted to stay there forever.  I needed a break, a God thing a didn’t even realize how weary I was.”

 “I didn’t realize there was such hatred hiding in my heart.”

The faces of Replenish

How do you do all this free?  Maybe a better question is WHY do you do all this free?
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Our first international trip for Haitian and D.R. Leaders

Replenish trips are free for all Pastors and missionaries.  

Pastors are burning out at alarming rates, up to 1,500 Pastors each month walk away from ministry for good!  We have seen the disastorus effecrts of Pastors leaving ministry and people are hurt, churches fail and thousands of lives are put at risk.  When a Pastor is healthy and leading from their strength, the exact opposte is true.  The question we are faced with is not how or why but WHY NOT?  How much is a healthy Pastor worth?  How many thousands of lives are impacted by a healthy church?  

We need your help

1,  If you know a Pastor or church in need of Replenish, please let us know.  
2.  We need prayer to help meet the right people and have access to resources.
3.  A one time donation of $500 or $50 a month will sponsor one Pastor on a trip,  $5,000 will sponsor one domestic trip.
4. We love year-end gifts and need to finish this year strong and start off next year well.  Any size gift helps.

More in 2018

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