Saturday, January 02, 2016

Reads 2015

2015 was a great year form reading. I usually read a book a month. Not a real aggressive goal but more of  moving benchmark. Because of a bit more time traveling, i maximized my audio book "reading" time (as well as some additional podcasts and blogs).  Some i really enjoyed. Some i forced my way through and some i just couldnt finish ( i also started several others but never made it past a couple chapters). Some i read for projects i was working on, some were so i could be a better husband, Dad or friend, two were for pleasure and fiction but most were for my own personal development which i guess is part professional, part personal and all awesome. Two i read for the second time.

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Ill comment on three.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.
My favorite read of the year. From personal growth to billion dollar companies, habit drives us. We get to understand keystone habits, triggers and what Tony Dungee, Target, AA and science all have to do with this topic.     It was an easy, beneficial and enjoyable read.

Love Does by Bob Goff.
Since heard about Bob, I was intrigued. When i heard he published his cell number on his books, i was more intrigued. When i read the book i laughed and was inspired. When I called him and we spoke, I was amazed. The book is a great collection of stories of a man on an adventure who love God, his family and life.

Got The Life by Fieldy.
Im curious about people in the limelight. Im really curious when their hi profile life intersects faith. The band Korn has captured my attention since Brian "Head" Welch became a believer a couple years ago. Fieldy, his bad mate followed in Brians footsteps in faith and authorship. This book is an insight to the man, the band and the real life.

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