Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top 10's of 2011 - Music Releases

Regardless if they were released in 2011 or not, i got em in 2011

U2 - Duals
Some stuff you have hear of, most you havent but all the songs are with U2 and someone else.  My fave is Where the Streets Have No Name/Amazing Grace (U2 and the Soweto Gospel Choir) and I've always loved Miss Sarajevo (Passengers and Luciano Pavarotti).

Asteroid Galaxy Tour - Fruit
I first heard this band on a Heineken commercial then on an indie compilation.  Once I got the music I was hooked.  Good, different and worthy of multiple listens.  Fruit was originally released in 2009 but I guess the underground from Denmark to Dallas took awhile.  Indie bands, sheesh.

Portugal the Man - In the Mountain in the Cloud 
Heard them in the background many times and never paid much attention til my friend Scott Sorgea sent me a link to "So American".  I still cant get enough.

Adele - 21
Cant say enough so I'll say little.  If you actually have been under a rock, get this recording.

Civil Wars - Barton Hallow
Simple, whiny, beautiful.  So melodic and harmonic and did I say whiny.  I guess I like that.

Mumford & Sons - Sigh no More
Thank Justin La Fond for the recommendation.  Part folk, part Irish sounding (although they are another Danish band) and part psychedelic cool (but more folk harmonies and feel good toe stamps than anything else).

Evanescence - Evanescence

The fourth release in twice as many years is saying were here for a while.  I loved them in 2003 and thought their cool goth/rock/power vocal with a pinch of bubble-gum might grow tired but I was wrong.  I bit more maturity here but the same old Evanescence.

Beatles - Abbey Road
Stop making fun.  I know this was released in 1969, I just got it.  Been loving it for years and just came to the party.  I want you is still so creepy and cool.

Mutemath - Odd Soul
Thanks again Justin.  From a city know for everything rock, good old NOLA rock never sounded so good.

Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials
I'm intrigued with FATM but also uneasy.  More vocals than I like but the music makes up for it.

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