Thursday, January 05, 2012

Bamboo Farming, the Saw and the Goal

Its a hodgepodge post but stay with me, they all fit together.

I've recently become a bamboo farming theoretician.  Not really, what I mean is, I've been doing some research on the growth of bamboo plants and trying to pull some stories or applications from that.  Its actually pretty interesting stuff.  At the same time I've been asked to write an article about how to best use the 7th Habit (See Stephen Covey's great book) all while pondering my New Years goals, new starts and all the other stuff that one thinks about around this time of the year.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.  It is very sustainable, has a myriad of uses and is relatively easy to grow.  Bamboo can grow two or three feet in a day with the right circumstances (but usually 12-14 in a normal growing cycle).  Here is where things get more interesting.  It if very difficult to harvest and plant bamboo seeds because bamboo rarely flowers (when a plant releases seeds) and when it does it is irregular and if/when it does, they seeds are difficult to harvest.  Here is what i'm intrigued by; sometimes some varieties of bamboo seeds take a long time to germinate; some take a couple of months, others a year or two.  When the bamboo seed does finally push through the ground and when the roots system is ready it can rapidly grow.  During the time the seed is growing its root system UNDERGROUND is getting ready for rapid growth ABOVE GROUND. 

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a must read book.  It deals with values, life, productivity, purpose and success (among many other things).  The book develops 6 habits (the list) and the 7th is making sure the other 6 stay healthy and in balance.  Those 6 habits are divided into two categories; PRIVATE VICTORY and PUBLIC VICTORY.

Each year I plan out my New Years Goals. I see my goals as elements for growth; a flower needs sun, etc.  For some time I have organized my goal elements according the scripture that shows the growth of Christ; "He grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and favor with man."  I make a couple of goals in each category: wisdom (mental), stature (physical), favor with God (spiritual), favor with man (social) and it seems to keep me well balanced.  Without these four elements I wouldn't have very good goals and without goals to help me grow, even worse.

All three of the above are related, they need and are dependent upon each other.  Unless we have roots, foundation or personal victory, we cannot achieve growth, flowers or public victory. Without the elements of soil, water, sun,(mental, physical, spiritual, social) etc there would be no plant growth at all.  To grow a healthy plant/life, etc I believe all of these things need to be in harmony. 

Without out one element a plant can survive, without two, it is in trouble, without three it stands little chance.  The same is with us, we need we rounded goals; all four areas in place.  When they are, we can best grow strong and healthy.These well balanced and healthy goals help us continue to grow and growth above and underground helps us to maintain our goals.


Mental Goals
1) ________________
2) ________________

Physical Goals
1) ________________
2) ________________

Spiritual Task

1) ________________
2) ________________

Social Goals
1) ________________
2) ________________

If more goals are needed here are some additional suggestions; marriage, family, ministry, educational, financial, emotional, professional

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