Sunday, September 19, 2010

+PurePass = Pure Growth

One of the things God built me for was helping others become more than they are. I love to help and see people grow. It's awesome! Because of that I teach in a local college, serve in a local youth ministry, coach my kids athletic teams and heck, I even have an organic herb garden in the back yard.

This Fall Pure Group and Pure YMR are providing a way to train Youth Pastors and Youth Workers while at the same time providing some fun for them and their families AND saving money while doing it. It's called +PurePass and here is how is works.

We have partnered with several local ministries and entertainment venues to bring you Pure Pass. Here are a few: Hawaiian Falls, Speed Zone, Inflataparty, Christ for the Nations, Wisdom Works and FCA just to name a few. And we are offering litereally thousands of dollars of training and entertainment for $299. For more info see visit us at or email

Sign up before September 30 and receive a digital dowload of 7 Pillars of Tomrrows Youth Ministry

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