Monday, July 12, 2010

freedom in memphis

taking things for granite is just wrong.

the ibc group is experiencing how simple things like food, shelter and safety are not nessarily freebies in life but involve choices; and those choices often effect our personal freedoms.

we began by experinning the rich history of this kingdom of memphis.  we learned about its lofty position on the mississippi which was ripe for its kingly crop, cotton. we discussed its king sized problem with slavery. we also noted a monicharichal influence in music, since this is dubbed, birthplace of rock n roll (bb king and elvis, the king of rock n roll). we talked about the reverend king, dr martin luthur, who's KINGDOM ideas solidified the modern civil rights movement.

by the end of the day we will contrast this kingdom with the heavenly kingdom and earthly kings with the king of kings.

a true benevolent king is one who provides safety, opportunity and ultimate freedom for their subjects. we are glad more than ever we serve christ the, the king of kings, the ultimate master and freedom giver.

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