Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You know Telly, you will find a way

"You know Telly, you will find a way."

I was making breakfast for my daughter while she was watching Sesame Street. There was a deaf girl on the and several characters were learning how to interface with her using sign language. Good stuff I thought. After the characters learned that they communicated verbally while the deaf girl communicated with her hands they wanted to all play tag. But then the big read avocado headed character named Telly asked how they could all play together even with the language barrier.
Please understand that I was not focused on the show at this point. It was little more than white noise so I'm sure the characters were using different language. I was more focused on the breakfast masterpiece Toad in the Hole (but that is another story).
Back to Telly's question and the human actors response. Get this, it is great...
"You know Telly, you will find a way."
How cool is that? Work it out. Us as adults are not going to mitigate, manipulate or control. Since you understand that your differences are not bad, just different and you have established that you like each other and can get along, do it. Get along and work it out. Because... “You know Telly, you will find a way!”

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