Friday, May 25, 2007

my daddy rich.

my daddy rich.

(it just doesn’t seem like thats the way I prefer to describe it)

We all claim the verse, “My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.” Once we really think about what we are saying, I think we can find better ways of saying God has everything.

Cattle on a thousand hills
$1000.00 per cow
800 cows on a ranch
That equals $800,000.00. nice but not the end of the equation.

Each 500 acre ranch has 70 hills (lets assume1 hill every 7 acres)
One cow per every 1.5 acres (average, but depending on vegetation and precipitation)
1.5 x 7 = 10.5 (you cannot count the cows not on the hills)
So 7 hills = 10.5 cows x 1000 hills = 10,500 cows. Impressive.
However 10,500 x 1000.00 per cow is only $1,050,000.00

Sure, that makes God a millionaire, but not that rich. Let’s choose another way of saying abundance. The above is nice metaphor but there are better ways to say this.

I encourage you, my readers to contribute with your very own ways of stating the abundance of God. Please contribute below by clicking on the comment button.

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