Tuesday, April 03, 2007

pop culture: who cares or who dares

on the move. bono.
“Love is on the move. Mercy is on the move. God is on the move.”
just one of the many great quotes from bono's new book, on the move. the book is a speech he gave at the whitehouse prayer breakfast in february 2006 and features photos he took from his first trip to africa. it better change your life.


american idol.
sanjay malakar the worst of the best. how did he even get this far? his demographic of 8-12 year olds and the indian community can only take him so far. does he have a valid fan base or is he a victim (champion) or votefortheworst.com? i mean he can sing, just like he can breath, we all can. but why is he on tv and why do people like him? if it is the hair, i'll never be a celeb.

natasha bedingfield.
nb releases a new single today titled "i wanna have your babies". you can listen here http://www.natashabedingfield.com/audio/i_wanna_have_your_babies.html?page=1
but you can only buy if you have a uk address, c'mon, what's up with that? the song is catchy and upbeat as you would expect. it is way too bubble-gummy for me. she is usually edgy lyrically speaking but i cant tell if she is only being provocative, has another meaning layer or just has a crush. i know she is deeper than this song shows, it'll just take time. she has come a long way since leading worship at hillsong uk.

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