Monday, December 11, 2006

i know what people say behind your back

i know what people say behind your back

c'mon we all talk behind everyone's back so shouldn't we rightfully assume that others do the same? if you think they don't, wake up and smell the half caf, dry, venti, soy latte, because they do.

frank had a problem with this. I first met frank in my freshman year. he was a very guy with equally large insecurities. whenever he would leave a room, he would wait behind the door to see if and what people would say about him. the strange part was if he caught anyone he never did anything about it (t least that I ever knew about).

the point I'm making here is that people do talk about, you period. its not necessarily bad. its just like someone seeing your blind spot in a car or having a slight case of `home blind`. home blindness is when we become accustomed to things over time that others, when they see the same things, notice them right away (when someone sees the crooked picture that e don't, or the rip in the carpet doesn't seem THAT bad or the piles of dishes in the sink aren't THAT noticeable). anyway, when people talk behind your back it may be a good idea to hear what they say, because there is a lot of truth to what they say. maybe even some permanent discomfort, but truth nonetheless.

OK, so you don't have to hide behind the door like Frank, but those littlle things that are said behind your back could prove to be a big, help to you if you are strong enough to illicit the information and stronger to implement changes based on it.

one other note about people talking behind your back; as long as they are talking behind your they probably aren't stabbing you in it!

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