Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dear Santa....

dear santa,

I’ve been really nice this year. Any or all of the above would rock!

1., any of ‘em, XL please.

2., i’ll make some Kenya AA and stay awake to meet ya, then I’ll personally give you a gormet, hand made double French, yum.

3., oh santa, it’s got everything from windows mobile 5.0 and wifi to gms and even gps.

4.;sid=2DfIuNlq5KPLopwIW0zCs5Z6NZ6AqGpJAHU=?CategoryName=cpu_VAIONotebookComputers_SZSeries&ProductSKU=VGNSZ381P%2fX&INT=sstyle-SonyStyleRoot-homefeature-VGNSZ381P%2fX, long link and longer price, but oh santa, pah – leez?

5.*SUB*20_532945, how cool is that.

6., 446 songs, 13 studio recordings, 100 rare live cuts and 40 previously unreleased songs, c’mon can you ever have too much U2?

7. smokey brown.


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