Monday, April 27, 2020

Get Ready!

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

--Abraham Lincoln

Artwork from Four Score Coffee, Roseville, CA. Thanks Jesse

Covid19 caught everyone by surprise. Everyone was scrambling, pivoting, getting online, calling the entire church, doing more, working harder. Soon, we will try to find a new normal. That means, more work, longer hours and more scrambling.

Obviously, hard work is a great thing. Work hard and play hard, right? Again, not a problem but when do we rest? Rest can actually take some work to get to but once we have it lined up it is glorious, amazing, refreshing and replenishing.

Timeline:  Busy now, busier Fall, here come the Holidays, then New Year.....Oh no - Burnout

It will take some time this Fall and Summer to get things figured out and then the Holidays will be waiting to suck some additional life out of us. So, it looks like there won't be much rest between now and the first of the year UNLESS WE MAKE IT A PRIORITY. If we don't prioritize this and plan and calendar it now, it most likely won't happen.

You see, I'm nervous about January 2021. If Pastors and leaders don't take time to sharpen the saw this Fall, they wont have much to give once the Holidays come and go. I'm concerned that if we don't do things right, January and February will see lots of burnout, turnover and maybe worse.

Two thoughts about staying fresh, NOW.

  1. Divert Daily, Withdraw Weekly, Abandon Annually 
  2. Sign up for a Replenish experience today

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