Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Content Overload

Two weeks ago I would have encouraged people to go online and produce a ton of new content. Now we may want to tap the breaks a little bit.

In this crazy CV19 space we are existing in, local churches are scrambling to get online, produce more online content and establish a presence often at the risk of quality.

A disclaimer is in order here - I am not an expert. My comments here are my own opinion so take them for what they are. 

1. If you already had an online presence, good, you should know what to do and your people should also. There is some great looking product out there but not everything that is good is done in a studio. There are some great ways to get content out there and not just on Sunday. Let people see your staff, get to know you better or put some fun social media posts out there. Be vulnerable and sincere.

2. If you were already kinda online, good. You are where you need to be but there may have been some bugs to work out but that is OK, you are learning and getting better. Be creative, but more importantly, be consistent. Stream and post your services, yes, but find a rhythm for additional posts. Yes create additional posts but be consistent and find what works for you and keep that regularity; don't post a bunch of stuff on Wednesday and Friday and then skip a week. Just consistently post on Tuesdays at 8am and 5pm. Remember, less is more.

3. If you just got online look back at your content, your look and feel, lighting and sound. Don't feel bad for technical challenges or some rough initial posts but feel the need to improve. Don't post out of fear that your people will become disengaged and click over to a more polished church celebrity (and start giving to them), your people are your people. Engage them with your strengths. Do small group hangouts, FB live interactive Bible studies. Post and interact, don't just push out content because everyone else is. Above all - be yourself.

So, keep up the good work, find out what your people want, Pastor your people through this new time. Don't just do something, do something good, relevant and what is needed by your tribe.

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