Thursday, October 31, 2019

Better, faster, stronger!

Better, Faster, Stronger - Ya, Kanye on the brain, great new record, but that's another story.

It is an amazing thing to see God move on our times away with Pastors and leaders.  Replenish truly captures what takes place in the lives of these influencers when they get away, connect with others


Taking care of yourself works; it makes you healthier, better for those around you and enables you to live longer. Whey arent people taking better care of themselves?  Good question.  Soul care is kind of like physical care or taking care of your body by going to the gym and eating right, everyone knows they should do if but not everyone does.

Most people when they return from a Replenish say something like, I didn't know how bad off I was or I didn't realize how much I needed this. Here are a couple quotes from recent trips, " They gave me hope. They gave me PEACE" and "I got my equilibrium back."

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Over the past 5 years, we have taken hundreds of Pastors and Leaders on Replenish Trips. The need is increasing, our successes are amazing so it is only natural that we do more. In 2020 we will be doing more trips than we have before.  That means we will need more prayers, more resources, more Leaders and Pastors to get involved.  We are excited to partner with more business leaders for Replenish experiences and provide for Leaders in the business and community spaces that we had previously only provided for Pastors.


IMPACTING LIVES (the reviews are in)

North Texas Youth Ministries partnered with Replenish Retreats to impact and recharge a group of youth pastors in Hamilton, TX. It was amazing on all levels. Rawd and his team were very hospitable and ready to host our guys in a personal, yet professional manner. The facilities and food were top-notch which made our pastors feel like kings for a few days. The spiritual soul care was thoughtful and specific for them right where they were at the moment. These guys caught what Replenish group was screaming…we all have a soul and it needs attention before something breaks.  I would highly recommend any pastor taking a few days to break away from the normal routine and Replenish the soul and life priorities. We plan to make this a yearly investment into our team.  Thanks, RBJ!

--Trip Sponsor, Influencer

My recent “Replenish” Retreat was quite literally...a God-send. I tried to cancel at the last minute - feeling that I didn’t have the time or quite honestly, the emotional energy to engage with a group of strangers. But I’m so glad that I didn’t cancel. I went. The time out under a big Texas sky, the laughter with other pastors who know exactly what my life is like, and the heartfelt prayers lifted up to God on my behalf gave me clarity. They gave me hope. They gave me PEACE...  Replenish 2020? Sign me up!

--First Year Trip Participant

What Others Are Saying

"I got my equilibrium back."

"As I replenished, I got in touch with my inner kid, riding quads, jogging, hiking.... I took this home and began to replenish my kids too."

"As I stopped I realized I finally gave God a chance to work."

"I realized I had to stop knocking doors open and let god open them."


We plan our trips around influencers that can sponsor a trip of 10-12 Pastors and Leaders. Ideally, this is providing both finance and people but sometimes it is one or the other. If you would like to help us champion a full or partial trip, or become a strategic partner, let's chat.

Replenish (dba of Pure Group) is a 501c(3) and all donations to help keep Pastors and Leaders healthier and for longer are tax-deductible.

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