Tuesday, June 11, 2019

More Than Trips

Yes, we do trips.  We also take the message of Replenish to wherever we can, hoping to inspire others to live a balanced life of Replenish. 

We provide initiatives and resources to help keep Pastors healthier and in ministry longer. We developed a life-changing 4-day retreat and in addition, we are continuing our work with cohorts, aggressive networking opportunities, connecting at conferences, camps and educational events.  June and July we are presenting the topic of Soul Care with over 500 Pastors.
If you know someone who is in need of encouragement or has been tirelessly and endlessly involved in ministry and can use some new resources, connections, conversations or even a trip, please let us know. If you find yourself praying for, worrying about or wanting to help your Pastor friends, connect them to us. You can find us on social media or at our website.  As you know our resources are free for Pastors.  


March, April, and May were busy and productive.  Our Replenish Guatemala trip and our board retreat were amazing times of planning, strategy and of course Replenishing. We also opened up two new locations for Replenish trips right here in Texas. We have several opportunities to present the Replenish message and do a ton of networking. We have also been engaged to help replenish local church affiliations who meet but need something new a refreshing, something...Replenishing.
There are several ways to get involved.  The obvious ones are prayer and giving.  There are a few others.

LIKE us, RETWEET us, SHARE our posts and..... Help us create Replenishing content.  We would love to feature you as a guest blogger and repost some of your Replenishing content.  Follow us, tag us and we will repost, retweet and like as well.

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Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know. —Sallie Krawcheck

If the old adage holds true about WHO you know not WHAT then we all need to be more intentional about doing more networking.

We were able to sponsor a networking breakfast in South Dallas in May and be part of a Refuge event in June.  

We love our generous supporters and Alumni network.  In addition, we gained some strategic partners with some key organizations and individuals. This year already we have benefited from sponsored events, new trip locations and trip sponsorship.

* Andy Spencer and The Engedi Group
* Jody Mow and The Lifesavers Foundation
* Kyle Embry and Youth Alive
Want to partner?  Here are some current needs.
* We are looking for one additional trip sponsor for a trip this November.  If you are interested, please let us know before July 15.
* Alumni Trip (February 2020, for past Replenish participants)
* Book and supply donations (contact us for a list of needs)
* The use of vacation homes or retreat centers
* Frequent flyer or hotel point donations
* Trip sponsorships (Available trips for sponsorship are Nov 2019, January 2020 and March 2020)
* Speaking opportunities (including
* Partner on written content (like Replenishing tips, bios or blogs we can use)
* Social Media retweets, likes and shares
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