Saturday, September 22, 2018

Nine Rounds for your soul

I love my wife but this morning was a sort of test.

She asked if I wanted to do something with her. Of course, I answered affirmatively but should have asked about the fine print. When you love someone you can say yes without knowing the details, right?  Of course!  I did have a bit of sticker shock though. Before I knew it we were off to visit the good folks at 9 Round in Mockingbird Station. It was a boxing-themed workout based on nine stations. One does each station for 3.5 minutes and rotates. Total workout time just over 30 minutes. 

I actually enjoyed the workout and the concept was cool, I also enjoyed getting to know the group trainer named Hammer. He was knowledgeable and nice and super motivating and encouraging. Before you stop reading and think this is about a physical workout, it is not. It is about a SOUL workout and to a lesser degree a Saturday morning rendezvous with my girl. 

 I was immediately in love with the simplicity of the stations, the ease that we moved through them, the unified them, clear directions and instruction and because we have a Replenish trip coming up next week I have post Replenish initiatives on my mind. 

This post is part sharing an idea, part brain dump and mostly a plea for creative thinking. How can this concept be adapted to a 30 workout to keep one's SOUL healthy?

I could totally see a virtual environment set up to run people through a series of 3.5-minute exercises focused on the six domains of soul (Emotional, Relational, Physical, Financial, Intellectual and Spiritual) and sponsored by a super healthy encourager named Hammer or Beast or Sargent Tough. 

I actually was happy to go and happier we did it.  We had a blast, worked out laughed walked around afterward and grabbed coffee.  I just had to impose some drama at the beginning so you would read.

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