Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Soul Care

What is the value of a healthy soul?

We spend billions annual on health-care.  Americans are addicted to supplements, enhancements, fads, clothes, gyms, and lots of externals but we don't often talk about our souls.

The old Methodist preachers used to greet each other by saying, "How is it with your soul?"  

I like that.  I want someone to ask me how my soul is doing.  It will probably freak me out though.  It would kinda be like greeting someone by saying, "How are you?" and they actually answer.  "Hey, not good, actually, not real bad either.  Well, I'm hungry, had to skip breakfast because I'm using a cream that makes me sensitive to dairy. I got a new shirt too.  Thanks for asking.  How are you?"

I would still be OK with it though.  

Probably, before we could tell what is a healthy soul we would need to find out what a soul actually is.  Good luck with that.  The answers are probably as varied as the person answering.  So we probably won't nail that down anytime soon.  So let's just look at what some current thinkers on issues of soul are telling us.

There are six soul domains and they all impact us.  I just wanted to surface these for now but we can deal with them later.  I wonder if we should add or subtract from them?

o Spiritual
o Emotional
o Relational
o Physical
o Intellectual
o Financial

Here are some great resources on soul care:

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