Thursday, September 17, 2015

Who Helps the Helpers?

I'm not sure if the picture above show things going in or coming out but it does speak of chaos to me.

I've been a Pastor longer than I haven't and I'm not sure my profession hasent gotten any easier.  Probably not a lot of have, unless you count professional philanthropy.  Sometimes I kinda feel like the guys above

There are lots of stats that have come out in the past few years about ministry turnover and burnout; they sadden me.  17,000 people annually walking away from any profession is tough but when that profession is helping hurting people, providing counseling for at risk marriages, helping provide future for teens and children, championing programs for the poor and needy, training current and future leaders and ultimately following Christs command to make disciples then i guess it hurts even more.

When almost 1,400 Pastors leave this month, who replaces them?  What about the work load of those left?  What does this ultimately do for the whole of the church?  Here are some stats from a recent article in the Washington Post (full article here);

  • 84 percent say they’re on call 24 hours a day.
  • 80 percent expect conflict in their church.
  • 54 percent find the role of pastor frequently overwhelming.
  • 53 percent are often concerned about their family’s financial security.
  • 21 percent say their church has unrealistic expectations of them.
Thanks to Ron Vietti, Valley Bible and Pure Group we have been able to help refresh, replenish and restore local pastors.  More on the Replenish Movement in another post.  

I just wanted to take a few minutes and raise awareness to the challenges Pastors face daily.  Specifically ask for your prayers for Pastors everywhere.  Also, next month we will be taking 11 Pastors and on a 4 day Replenish Trip, pray the trip is life giving, refreshing and replenishing.

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