Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crazy, Lavish, Unequivocal

Crazy, Lavish, Unequivocal

CRAZY - We cant understand it...Its ubiquitous... even it we cant understand it totally, it doesn't stop us from partial understanding and usage...Its overused....since we dont understand it but still try to use, embrace and give we often overuse it. Of course in all this it gets wayyyyyyy misunderstood.

LAVISH - Un-measurable...God's love to us is without limit, definition and ending...EXTRAVAGANT, without measure or equal...It's unattainable....since we don't deserve it, we cant own it but with his help, we can give it away...It's never lacking, always more than enough, there is always more if needed and it is ALWAYS BETTER when given away.

UNEQUIVOCAL - There is NOTHING else like it. It is totally unique in nature, substance and action

Bottom line. Its otherworldly, its Divine!!

Here is a link to the video message of Crazy, Lavish, Unequivocal Love....

John 13 is an interesting chapter. It is where Jesus drops the LOVE BOMB on his disciples. BAMM!!!!!!!!

What is the love bomb?

1. He says love can be evangelistic
2. He says he is giving a new command
3. He says the disciple must love like he loved
4. Since he was on his way to die and rise again because of his love for mankind he was saying we needed to love each other TO DEATH

That is some CRAZY CRAZY love.

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