Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Reflect.....

Easter is the most significant and important holiday of the Christain faith. It is an anual reminder of the enemies loss and beatdown.  Without Easter everything else is vain.  Christmas is important too and should not to be undermined. Without Christmas there would be no Easter.  Christmas is birth. Easter is death and then life over death. Easter is resurrection, Christs triumph over death!  

Easter is more than being born, it is being born into eternity. It is being born supernaturally. It is not being born a human but being born as a child of God. God almighty, creator of heaven and earth. He died that we can live. 

Easter is literally life: life past, life now, life in the future and life for everyone forever to come!!

Hope your Easter was a party... Time to celebrate.  Not only did Christ win over death but life in Christ wins always. 

Life in Christ wins!

Without him there is no life. 

Happy Easter, He is risen. 

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