Saturday, November 05, 2011

Improving Your Serve

There should be a scale whereupon we can measure our servanthood.  Something like a thermometer that would instantly tell what a person’s servant quotient was; their SQ.  If we could have a barometer for individuals, we should also have one for organizations.  It would be great to see just how effective organizations that exist to serve a cause or people really are. How would governments fair?  Are postal workers or politicians serving their communities?  What would our SQ be as the church?  Would church hierarchy even have an SQ or do they really exist not just to say they serve, but to have others serve them?

Unfortunately, this chapter doesn’t contain an SQ test, but we should be able to look into our own hearts to see what kind of marks we would give ourselves as servants.  After all when the Lord returns we’ll have to answer to what we’ve been doing down here all this time while he has been in heaven building us a home.  Have we been building THE kingdom or our own kingdom or have we been building at all?  If this is a wake up call, its time to get busy and start serving.  Its never too late to build your SQ.

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