Friday, August 19, 2011

Character Sauce

When I grow up I wanna be a Rock Star Chef!

Not a short order cook (Waffle House) or the guy that defrosts things from the freezer and puts them on your plate (nope) but the one who writes the cook books and has their own show (Mario Batali, Alton Brown, Paula Deen).  Until then, I'll just keep rocking the back yard grill and providing healthy "gourmet" meals for my family.

I threw lots of good and fresh ingredients in a pot.  As I was adding some fresh herbs and spices I began stirring it up and wishing it was already dinner time and the magic of time had worked its miracle of taking raw individual ingredients and amalgamating them into amazing Italian goodness.  I love pasta and I love pasta sauce; ya, I can buy it in a jar but it is so much better when I take time to do things right.  Here are the 5 things for Awesome-Sauce (@noahbenjamin).

  1.  Solid Ingredients
  2.  Recipe
  3.  Preparation
  4.  Cook Time
  5.  TLC

Wait for it.....Then I pondered Character and thought, its kind of like us on our spiritual journey...lots of ingredients that can be made into something really good.  All that is needed is the crucible of time, heat, stirring and TLC.  Now go back and read the 5 things for Awesome-Sauce but this time think of how Christ is cultivating your character.

Cant wait until its done!

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