Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was thinking about what we would think is the normal impact of the internet.

A news item caught my eye when a 17 year old new jersey teen and some friends he met in a chatroom (2 from russia) began and completed a ack on the most anticipated cell phone in history, the iphone. All it took was 500 hours, a sodered wire and some simple original programing. Anyone could do it right? Well, after the story of the iphones hack broke, george hotz, also broke the news that he would be posting how he did it, complete instruction, on the internet. (read his blog here)

So even though u cant, u could.

The internet empowers us to attempt do things together that we wouldnt dream of doing alone. Our seeming potential is compounded by that of others. We gain more knowledge, we garner more confidence, we google more queries and we gather more results. What we end up with is exponential growth, accomplishment, knowledge and so on. This means 15 years ago (when george hotz was two) something comperable to haccking an iphone would be impossible.

i, used to have a friend that was an entomologist, i had access to lots of bug info. We've lost touch over the years, and even though i cant easily get the 411 on bugs from him i have access to thousands of sites giving not only one persons expertise, but many and i get picture and video (google lists over 11,100,000 sites with info on emtomology).

Also, when good ol george was two, i just found out my favorite burger joint, in n out, had a secret menu. A priviledged fact for the chosen few. Today it is available for the click of a mouse.
So, good (n n out sec menu) bad (anarchist cook book)* or other (geroge), the internet offers us the power of everyone. hopefully, someday, everyone can end the tyranny of illiteracy, anti socialism and greedy proprietary companies (u listening att and sony); the internet is helping to speed the way.

* you didn't really think i would link the that did ya?

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