Friday, June 29, 2007

ramdom pic and places

some random pis from friday.

1. the outside of the church we worked at.
2-3. the neighborhood.
4-5. kids face painting.
6-9. various foods we encountered at the market.
* chicken heads for sale
* 10 pounds of chicken necks
* rotten bananas
* moldy mangoes

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Net Church said...

WE MISSED YOU RAWD IN ENGLAND BUT LOOKS LIKE YOU DID A GREAT JOB FOR THE LORD IN MEXICO. We are expecting 2500 at Party in the Park this year, and we have some mad plans to not only attract the unsaved but to attach the unsaved as saved to the church. Will tell you by email when I get more than 5 minutes. Love u lots. Looking forward to Jeanabeena being with us. Love K