Monday, June 25, 2007

pray for us

her are some additional pictures of todays outreach. in addition to our dramas, we did light medical and dental work as well as eye checks and glasses fittings, haircuts and kids ministry.
also pictured here is the place we worked at.
I believe we helped about 75 people with all the above services.

tomorrows prayer request is because we'll be in the worst dump we will visit. we need longevity, good health and effective ministry.


Anonymous said...

wow, you betcha on the prayer request. will be praying and will pass the need on to the rest of T's supporters. yall are doing a great job!!! I just swell up with pride to see our students serving "the least of my brothers"

Anonymous said...

We are praying and have some powerful intercessors praying also. God bless you.