Monday, May 14, 2007


In the May 14 issue of People Magazine, there is an interview with Russell Simmons a rap music industry pioneer and media mogul. The interview covers everything from the Imus flap to his plea to remove three offensive words from hip hip music. The last question asked of him was in reference to his new book (Do You! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You) and he was asked to state the one law to achieve success and happiness. His response was interesting. 'Get your mind right. That speaks to meditation and prayer. All of our movements are prayers. Every statement we make and every thought we have is a prayer. And what are we praying for?'

Interesting. It got me thinking. What was my prayer to my wife before she left for work? What was my prayer to the girl that made my venti, half caf, dry, two pump, sugar free, cinnamon dolce, latte wrong? What is my nonverbal prayer to the guy who cut me off or the bum I snubbed? What is my prayer to those with aids in Africa or the poor in east Dallas?

If my every movement is a prayer…
I need to move less
and act more.
I need to be more deliberate
and less selfish.
I need to Love more and
waist less,
Be less frantic and
more determined,
Listen more,
talk less
Hate less, and
pray more positive prayers.

My friend Shawn told me a story about a boy that asked a traveling missionary a question about prayer. The small boy who looked up to this missionary with hero status asked, “how long do you pray each day?” To which the missionary replied, “I haven't prayed in forty years.”

I think Mr. Simmons and Mr. Missionary were speaking the same language.

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allison jaye said...

that is really thought provoking. the story at the end is a story that eugene peterson tells in a recent edition of relevant magazine--he said hearing that the missionary hadn't prayed changed his life. you should totally get a copy of the interview--it's revolutionary.

ps. there's no such thing as a dry latte.