Thursday, May 24, 2007

blake lewis - ep.

i bought blake's new ep tonight from itunes. below is the review i left on itunes.

ok, so, my expectations were normal; we've seen, heard and loved all these blake tunes in the past twelve weeks. so i thought, great, i can get 'em on my ipod. wrong. they are produced, polished, professional and pointless. where is the emotion? where is blake taking the lp from the shelf, placing it on the turntable, the turntable noise and the raw shot to the heart? nowhere. they went to the studio and tried to give it a spit shine and there is way too much spit here.

even though my expectations were average when considering blake, i guess i should have lowered them considering the production and producing. maybe i'm just expecting too much musicallhy from american idol. they say it is a singing competition, but it is not ( maybe they need to have different expectations for the american public.

back to blake. good ep, just not great. also, congratulations on winning american idol. how did you win? by getting to make your record without all the "i won american idol drama". we all know second place it the winner (or fourth if you ask chris daughtry).

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