Friday, November 17, 2006

i just got a playstation 3

nah. not really. but what is up with those people who waited in line for three days??

ok, so, really, what would you think if i were one of those people who waited in line...?

1. get a life
2. cool, can i play
3. are you gonna sell it on ebay for $3000.00?

i was set to make fun of the people who waited in line until i just saw that PS3's are going for 3000.00 on ebay, wow.

now i'm gonna say if anyone waited in line to get a PS3 to play, get a life.

but if anyone waited in line to get one to sell for $3000.00, good for you, nice move and nice ROI at 400%. good job.

but here is the kicker, if you didn't wait in line and just won an ebay auction to shell out the $3000.00 you should have either waited in line or sought out profession help.

so the moral of the story is go to block buster, rent a movie for $3.00, read a book, write some blogs, and play PS2 for another couple of months and then go to best buy and buy the PS3 for retail price.

that is a lot of time to be spent on what some people would call something insignificant; but those who waited in line wouldnt. i submit that video games is "their life". ok, so you wouldn't spend 3 days waiting in line for the newest video game, but what would you spend three days waiting in line for? a great price on a new car? a chance to see your favorite band or movie star? is your life wrapped up in that? what is your life? what is important?

i say, while you are in line for three days waiting for anything, think about what is really important.

also think, maybe best buy will have one on disply that i could play for free.

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