Monday, October 30, 2006

first attempt.

ok, i succummed. i got a blog. now i have to bare my soul to the computer and maybe the world. what will i write, what is my story, will i use capital letters or talk like a cmptr nErD (i haTe iT wHen pEoPLe dO thAt). ILL USE ALL CAPS BUT IT WONT BE YELLING. and i wont even use punctuation if i dont want to

no, i just gonna be real, like a reality tv show (we all know how real they are). sure, i wont edit anything and wont fix my typpe errorss or anything. i b peRfetc just like reality tv.

i'll also be politically correct and give nod to to the post modern culture or maybe we are even post post-modern, how cool is that. my post modern, real blog will absolutely have no absolutes, because there absolutely cannot be any. here the truth will be relative and that is a fact and i will tolerate everything except intoleration, that is totally unacceptable.

so there is my intro. the rules are laid out and i stand for nothing, fall for everything and will write about nothing.

come join me on my journey.

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