Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Replenish Year End Update


Replenish is about keeping full, living life to the fullest and helping keep Pastors in ministry long term.  We believe it is better to prevent challenges than repair them*.


In many ways, it was our best year yet.  We were more aggressive this year than any other year. We made great partners, raised solid funding, shared the message of Replenish to thousands via churches, retreats, post-Replenish initiatives, seminars, sharing digital resources and we saw just under 100 Pastors on trips.  If the average church size is around 184 we indirectly reached over 18,000 parishioners this year alone.  Ya, we were busy.  

We began 2018 with our good friends at Cross Bayou Ministries and partnered for a retreat in Jonesville Lousiana. featuring swamps and duck hunting.  Then our annual board meeting, a trip to LA and Bakersfield and our first trip in Colorado followed.  Summer is a great time to encourage family vacations and personal renewal so we did.  We finished off the year with a sponsored trip in September and our most recent here in DFW.  All in all a great year.  Below are some stories from the field.

Here are some testimonies.

Meet Pastor Benito of Freedom Church Round Rock  HERE

Meet Pastor Arron of New Community Church HERE


We just finished our 6th trip of 2018 and found some new kindreds and amazing partners.  We had an awesome group of Pastor from Southern Ca, Northern Ca., Houston and some local North Texans. 

Some were admittedly more in need of Replenishing than some and others came ready to be filled, others came aware they needed more but didn't know how much till half way in.  After bonding at several Dallas landmarks and over great BBQ we began "getting real" at the Culpepper House. The thing that stood out on this trip was the intensity of conversation.  Some groups are Theologically diverse but not this one so it enabled us to go deep.  This was our first trip to Ennis Texas where our accommodations were amazing.  We experienced a phenomonon called the Cowboy Church and the wonderful people at the Culpepper House opened their doors and let the hospitality overwhelm us.  Also, the team at Pop Top Coffee made sure we were caffeinated and provided some amazing breakfast burritos/tacos.


Since Pastoring is not getting any easier we need to do more this year than we have in the past.  This is our 2019 forecast.

     * We are projecting 12 trips with post-trip initiatives to follow.  

     * We will also be working with several key organization on regional Replenishes, Lunch and learns, vision coffees and partnering with other like-minded ministries.  

     * We are increasing our voice and influence by networking, social media, speaking, presenting, keynotes, meetups and lecturing will get us in front of thousands of people, dozens of churches and many generous donors. 

     * With your help we also want to procure a long-term lease for a property in East Texas where we can have complete access to host trips but also to loan to Pastors for family time, study time and personal renewal.  The property also allows us to entertain Pastors with fishing, hiking, golfing, grilling, private banquet rooms and is across the street from a lake.  The place sleeps 10 and we would make it available to our network of Pastors free of charge.

Our financial forecast for 2019 is $176,000.  This includes all trips, cohorts, pre-trip expenses, and staff salaries and a property lease.  We can do it with partners like you. 

Please PRAY, GIVE and consider SHARING RESOURCES.  If you can help with any of the following please email us and let us know.  Below are several specific ways of assisting us as we reach thousands by helping Pastors.

    * We want to increase our prayer coverage to 50 praying for us each week.

    * We are looking for some miscellaneous resources.
        - Vacation homes that sleep 12-15 to use in Southern Ca and Florida.  
        - Regional hosts to donate and serve meals
        -Hotel rooms that can be donated or purchased with hotel reward programs.  

    * Gifts 
        -$6,000 one time gift covers one whole trip for 12-15 Pastors
        -$500 per month provides one trip for 12-15 Pastors, 
        -$42 per month covers one Pastor on a trip. 
        -$25 is the cost of 2 Starbucks drink each week for a month 


Besides the obvious like prayer, favor, safety, and anointing, first of all we really need connections from people like you to their Pastors who need Replenishing. The second thing is resources and funding for the trips and post-trip initiatives.

march.JPG image.png  image.png


We need to finish this year in the black and launch our two January trips strong. Please pray and consider helping keep Pastors Replenished with a year-end gift.  

We are looking to secure $19,500 to cover year-end expenses.



Shout out to our amazing partners this year.

  * The Culpepper House - facebook.com/culpepperhouse - amazing historical B and B
  * Cross Bayou Ministries - crossbayouministries.org - our partners for January Duck Hunt Retreat
  * Poptop Coffee - facebook.com/poptopcoffeeshop - amazing coffee and food and really cool people too
  * On Target Range - facebook.com/ontargetranges - great range just outside of DFW that also trains churches defensively.  

  * Reclaim Leadership - reclaimleadership.org - Eric and his team serve Pastors and help them recalibrate  
  * The Refuge Foundation - refugefoundation.org/- not new but always a supportive partner
  * The Cowboy Church of Ellis County - cowboyfaith.org - amazing breakfast and tour
  * Paul Mitchel The School - pmtsdallas.com


Alumni of Replenish, you know first hand what Replenish meant to your soul and ministry.  We want to challenge our entire database of alumni to help give the gift of Replenish as you pay it forward.  Here are three ways.

1.  Sponsor a Pastor or trip
2.  Recommend us to your Pastor, Pastor friends or colleagues
3.  Host a Vision Coffee - gather a group of friends at your home and let us do a presentation about Replenish

Here is something cool -  we are putting together an alumni-only trip in 2019 and every alumnus who donated in 2018 would be eligible to attend (based on availability). 

* We have resources for Pastors who need intensive help.  We offer nonjudgemental, private and professional help and referrals

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