Monday, October 08, 2018

Everyone Needs to be Replenished

Sometime or another, we all wear ourselves thin, we deal with fatigue, stress and being tired, some struggle with depression and anxiety as well.  Pastors are not immune. 

Most Pastors give and give and give...its the nature of their professional job or calling.  That is OK, we were designed to help; to be there for each other.  The problem comes when we don't replenish that what we give out.  

Imagine if you were told you had to do 100 pushups (pushup video Some might be able to do this immediately.  If I was told this, I would not be able to do it, period.  If you told me I could have a couple weeks to do em, easy-peasy.  That is only like 7 a day.  Give me a month and I might could do 200.  Some people do a 100 pushups a day and I'm sure they had to work up to that.  In my case, slow and steady is what I need.

The level of rest and renewal we need is based on the level we are giving out.  Rest, recovery, replenishing... Its a concept that God created.  Call it Sabbath, rest, time off, time away, replenishing its what we need, we were wired this way.  Athletes do everything from inhaling oxygen or cryonics to altitude chambers for extreme and quick recovery.  There are extreme methods and there are daily, weekly, monthly and even annual things we need to be doing to keep ourselves fresh. Without strategic thinking about rest, we risk burnout, fatigue, unproductivity and even depression and anxiety.

Knowing what to do is usually not the problem, execution is. 

What are you doing today to get and stay rested and replenished?

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