Monday, May 15, 2017

Time for Team

Nobody likes to wait. One of the inherent challenges in the human race is that we are are impatient. Not just a little impatient, we are selfishly and often angrily impatient. Whoever called us the human RACE sure didn't do us any favors or perhaps they were just calling things like they are.  We rush, we speed, we lack margin and when push comes to shove, we push and shove and look out for number one.

Such is the case I often find when the dinger dings and the lights come on and everyone is scrambling to get their jacket or junk and get off the plane first.  Ironically, lots of people only rush to wait.  They try to be first off only to be first to arrive at an empty baggage carousel or rental car shuttle and wait along with everyone else who was not first to get off the plane.  Hurry up and wait comes to mind, so does futility.

Rushing, going faster and hurrying are not our best qualities.  But we cling to them, need them, embrace them and at times they become our values.  There are better ways and better qualities that bring out the best in us.  Other values that are more becoming.  Instead of listing a lot of them, I'll just say we are better when we value others.

There is often another scenario that happens when the ding rings..... and i much prefer it.  People stop, make eye contact, smile, allow others in the aisle and genuinely care for each other.  Pleasantries are exchanged and people help each other with their bags, passing them down the aisle or helping with the heavy ones.  Its like spontaneous teamwork breaks out.  Everyone is happy and helping and its contagious.

Teamwork is the dreamwork and it comes to those who have time for other team members; be they strangers on a plane or colleagues on a call, across the table or in the cubicle next door.  When we go slower more often, we can take time for each other. When we do that their life is enhanced and so is ours.  If we take time and value people instead of competing with them, more spontaneous teamwork may result.


Unknown said...

We've heard the saying, time is if the ecense, but time appears to be what we don't have!?

We should be scheduling less appointments allowing for more quality interactions.

I don't have the answers all I have is my next appointment:( and I pray to God that I am able make less of them allowing for more quality time with people.

Good stuff here, Rawd!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you think!!