Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guilty by non association

Sins of omission can often take new forms.  Sometimes it is the lack of something new or non existent progress.   New is becoming more than trendy. New is right. New is progressive. New is a new virtue.

New is also known by new names. Forward, liberal, progressive, change. Or maybe new is better known by its contemporary antonyms. Backwards, stodgy, luddite, irrelevant.

Since going forward is the new virtue, staying still has become a new way of defining omission. That's cool. Isnt it time to act more anyway?  When its all said and done there is usually more said than done.

Just beware of the trap of new for newness sake.

We live in an increasingly bipolar world. Dont be defined by action or inaction. Be defined by the object of your action. Suffering from stagnation will bring incrimination by man or by God. Better to be damned if doing than by not doing what is new and good and right.

Its time to take a risk.  Move forward, try something new. Go for it.

Its time to move forward because standing still will incriminate you, categorize you, define you.

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